Antique Car Restoration at Interstate Auto Body & Truck

Who doesn’t love a beautifully refurbished, shiny car from classic times? They always draw the eye as they roll down the street, and attract respect as well as admiration. Unfortunately, antique car restoration is a hobby that not all hot rod enthusiasts have the time or talent to complete.

You don’t want to spend money on a project for which you’ll never experience the fruits, do you? Interstate Auto Body & Truck can provide all of the necessary car restoration services for the exteriors and refinishing of antique, vintage, and classic cars and hot rods.

We have years of experience doing hot rod and muscle car body and paint work, for whatever level of project you have. Interstate’s garage team knows that the things that matter most are appropriate and high-quality tools and experience, and we have both to offer our customers. From basic body and fender tools necessary for simple repair projects to complicated fixtures, we have everything needed to restore your vehicle to pristine condition and at an affordable cost to you.

Our technicians specialize in hot rod builds and muscle car restorations to make your vehicle ready for show – from junk yard find to stunning attraction at the car show! If your project requires us to do a full body restoration, or something as detailed and small as rust repair in a single area, we can complete the job with utmost skill. We also have experience with custom fabrication, paint work, body work and every other phase of restoration.

In addition to our expertise in body and paint work for antique car restoration, Interstate Auto Body & Truck can replace body sections and incorporate new-style fiberglass into your hot rod vehicle. We specialize in restoring antique cars to ‘factory-new condition’, and use our experience and attention to detail to complete these vintage car restoration projects to the highest standards in quality and skill.

Our work on hot rods and antique vehicles has resulted in several first place car show winners! We also have sandblasting available.

Contact us to learn more about our car restoration services, and to get an estimate for your project!


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