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How to Prep for Summer Car Shows

Many people look forward to the summer for the longer days, warmer nights, and ample opportunities to spend time at the beach. If you drive a classic or custom car, however, your summer may be full of car shows, and you're probably ready to get out and showcase your ride. Before you head out for…
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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Automotive Repair

For any car owner you already know that the price you pay to drive your car off the lot is only the beginning. It can seem almost immediate when you have to start paying for maintenance and repairs. With fluctuating gas prices or unforeseen accidents you can never be too sure how much your car…
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Is Your Car Worth Restoring?

One of the most important considerations when embarking on a car restoration project is whether or not the car you are hoping to restore is worth the investment. Between the number of hours that you will be dedicating to working on the vehicle and the cost of replacement parts and a primo paint job, a…
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