Insurance Work

SANY0894-150x150 041-150x150damaged boat detail

Collision repair, door dents, bumper repaints, fender-benders or total body section replacement –  not a problem!

We can restore your car or truck and give you back that brand-new look. We use quality parts and just the right level of finish work required to keep that OEM quality level and stay within your budget.

We have the proper sources for parts and we can get them quickly so your car is not in the shop for too long. Simple jobs can be done very quickly.

All insurance work quotes are free. Give us a call and we will take a look and have a quote to you fast.

We work with all insurance companies and know what they require for all work to be done. Quit jumping through their hoops and leave the work to us. Contact Interstate Auto Body and Truck today!


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