We Go Mobile for Projects (Sandblasting & Repair)

Do you have equipment that cannot be moved or a building that needs sandblasting? At Interstate Autobody & Truck, we have the equipment and tools to complete your project without having to bring it to our shop in Cashmere.

Our service area includes Wenatchee, Cashmere, other areas of North Central and Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and even California! Our technicians have extensive experience with sandblasting equipment and techniques as well as the painting and repair of all kinds of machinery, equipment, and rigs.

We can sandblast farm tractors, trailers, excavating equipment, buildings, tanks, and cars or trucks. We’re quick and efficient and get the job done in a professional way. If you’re able to bring your equipment into our facility, you’ll find that it’s equipped to handle all sizes of large vehicle collision repair, painting, and sandblasting. In fact, ours is the largest in the region! We can also apply the finish after sandblasting your equipment.

We’ve repaired and refurbished anything from tractor trailers to trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles and earth-moving equipment and machinery. The trained technicians at Interstate Autobody & Truck have years of experience working on collision repairs and are ready to handle any project.

We also go mobile for fiberglass repairs, including boat restoration, Jetski repairs, and swimming pool refurbishment. Now is a good time to get your water gear back in shape and have it ready for next summer!

For building refinishing, we can offer our sandblasting services for brick or stucco and get your job done quickly and efficiently. Or if you’d prefer, we offer media blasting in order to restore and clean the finish of the building. Our processes can either remove paint to restore the natural finish or sandblast it in order to prepare for painting or repainting. We can also apply your chosen finish after sand or media blasting.

To get your repair or sandblasting job scheduled or to discuss your on-site job, contact us for a free quote!

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