Fiberglass Repair Services for Summer Fun

Summer is nearly here, and this means it’s the optimal time to get your water sports vehicles and equipment ‘ship-shape’ and ready for hours of play. While we specialize in body work and vehicle collision repair for trucks, trailers, motorhomes and more, we also offer expert fiberglass repair services.

Here are just some of our specialties in fiberglass repair:

  • Boat Restoration: If your fiberglass boat suffered damage from last summer’s use, or impairment from the winter, we provide fiberglass boat restoration and repair to get your vessel back in the water for a fantastic summer ahead! Our skilled technicians can repair anything from holes and cracks to structural repair. Our area of expertise with fiberglass boat restoration extends to stress cracks, painting, gel coating, refinishing, and even custom building. We can work with your insurance as well, if your repairs are for damages sustained in a boating accident. We’ll even come to your location to do the repairs – or you can bring your boat to our yard for restoration here.
  • Jestski & Wave Runner Repair: Jetskis and Wave Runners are some of the most exhilarating and fun water vehicles to use throughout the summer, but they can fall into disrepair and get damaged with lots of use. At Interstate Auto Body and Truck, we offer Wave Runner repair and Jetski repair services. Our experience with fiberglass repair and restoration with these vehicles is available for both small and large projects. We can fix anything from a small gelcoat problem up to complete fiberglass remolding. Our technicians have expertise restoring hulls, fixing holes and cracks, painting, refinishing and more. Insurance claims, warranties, and other issues are also no problem.
  • Swimming Pool Refurbishment: Bringing our summer watersports repair services a little closer to home, we also offer fiberglass swimming pool repair and painting services. No matter what condition your pool is in, we can restore it to the original standard of watertight integrity and appearance. Leaks, stains, algae, and other issues are completely within our restoration expertise, as are gelcoating problems, structural problems, chipping, peeling, and cracks.

Give us a call to schedule your fiberglass repair job, so that Interstate Auto Body and Truck can get your water vehicles or swimming pool back in order for plenty of summer fun!

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