Wenatchee Semi-Truck Repair and Painting with Efficiency and Skill

Semi-truck owners and drivers rely on their vehicles for the growth and security of their business, so the costs from broken-down or damaged trucks can have concerning effects on the bottom-line. As we get deeper into fall, the roads will become more susceptible to weather conditions, resulting in dangerous situations that may cause accidents.

Luckily, drivers in the Wenatchee Valley have access to some of the best technicians in body work and painting. When it comes to semi truck repair, Wenatchee is home to Interstate Auto Body & Truck – the best shop in the Valley and surrounding areas for this service.

Our semi-truck repair services are based in years of technical expertise from every one of our mechanics. The Interstate Auto Body team of technicians has over 50 years of experience in this industry, and we apply that knowledge and skill to every job.

We specialize in collision repair and body work for everything from muscle cars up to large semi-trucks. With minor collision damage to extensive repair work, touch-up maintenance semi-truck painting to full-scale refinishing, we can complete your semi truck repair and/or painting job with skill and efficiency.

We accept all types and sizes of semi-trucks, whether it is still drive-able or needs to be towed to our Wenatchee auto body shop. Interstate Auto Body & Truck has the largest paint booth in the region for semi-truck and large vehicle painting needs. It is 60-feet in length, allowing us to efficiently paint all necessary areas of the truck without exposing it to the elements during paint work. For examples of some of the semi truck painting work we have done, click here.

Interstate Auto Body and Truck has completed repair and painting jobs for semi-truck trailers, cabs, dump trucks, busses, boom trucks, and more. Contact us to learn more about our semi truck repair and painting services, or to get a free quote on your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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