On-Site and Mobile Sandblasting for Machinery

Sandblasting is a process used to prime your vehicle or machinery for painting or sealing, since it removes imperfections, dust and dirt from the surface. After sandblasting, the machinery is then primed for an excellent paint job. Interstate Autobody and Truck provides a variety of sandblasting services.


Our technicians are equipped to provide sandblasting for machinery, equipment, farm tractors, trailers, excavating equipment, buildings, tanks, and cars or trucks. We offer quick, efficient sandblasting services for a variety of machinery and needs.

As one of the most effective ways to strip and smooth a surface for painting or sealing, sandblasting provides an even finish on the machinery. The process uses compressed air to blast fine particles of sand or other gritty materials, which slough off any particles or imperfections in the surface.

Once finished, the sandblasted surface is smooth and primed for painting or sealing the item. Other than preparation of the machinery for painting or sealing, these are some other uses for sandblasting:

  • Removal of rust or paint from machinery surfaces
  • Roughening engine component surfaces for thermal spray coating
  • Smoothing away edge profiling or burrs from machinery components
  • Creating a matte finish on car exteriors
  • Surface texturing to alter stamped/molded products

Our technicians have extensive experience sandblasting and painting all kinds of machinery, equipment and rigs.

Interstate Autobody and Truck provides sandblasting services from our garage here in Cashmere. Additionally, since we know how difficult it can be to transport your machinery and equipment, we offer mobile sandblasting. We serve Wenatchee and Cashmere, as well as other areas of North Central and Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and even Nevada, Utah and California with our mobile sandblasting services.

Contact us for more information about our sandblasting services and to receive a free quote. Or, give us a call to book your sandblasting job.

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