Why Insurance Companies Reject Auto Repair Estimates

In the aftermath of an accident, there’s plenty for a car owner to worry about. While it may be clear to you what’s wrong with your vehicle and what repairs are needed to restore it, insurance companies and repair shops often disagree about the estimated costs of repairs and throw the process into dispute.

In some instances, insurance companies reject a body shop’s estimated cost of repairs or will generate an estimate on their own, which a repair shop may dispute.

As a vehicle owner, these discussions may never come to your attention, as they largely occur behind the scenes. However, it’s important to stay informed about the condition of your car, the progress of repairs, and the process by which repairs are performed. 

Common Reasons for Disputes

Costs of Labor – Higher-end and specialized shops often charge a higher labor rate than what insurer is willing to pay.

Replacement Parts – Not all replacement parts are made equal. In some cases, automotive insurance policies will guarantee original manufacturer parts in repairs; other times, they’ll insist the shop use cheaper aftermarket parts.

Extent of Repairs – Some auto insurers will ask repair shops to try and repair cosmetic damage to car panels before ordering a replacement body panel in order to save money, but repair shops will often assess the damage and include replacement body parts in their repair estimate.

Errors in the Estimate – Rarely, an estimate will call for the replacement of a part that isn’t damaged, was damaged as part of another claim, or neglect to include a part that requires repair.

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