Does Your Vehicle Need Repairs After Winter Trucking?

Winter trucking can take a toll on your vehicle. From driving through snowstorms to those extra deliveries made before Christmas, your semi might be in need of some TLC. Scheduling truck repairs might seem like a hassle, but being proactive will save you time and money down the line. If your cement truck, dump truck, school bus or any other large vehicle has chipped paint, collision damage, or other body repair needs, it’s probably time for an update.

Collision damage repairs

If you’ve been in a collision, even a minor one, the framework of your vehicle could be damaged. This can have serious implications for both your truck’s overall value and more importantly your safety. Getting this damage evaluated as soon as possible can prevent both future damage for you car and improve your safety.  We’re also happy to help with less serious collision repairs and cosmetic damage. Our team is happy to fix a single truck or your entire fleet of trucks after a full season of winter trucking.


Paint can make or break you truck’s exterior look. From touching up scratches and imperfections to entire body updates and sanding, we’ve got you covered. We work on cement trucks, boom trucks, dump trucks, semis and more, so whatever type of vehicle you have we’re happy to touch up the paint job and match its current color. Our large facility in the Wenatchee Valley is well equipped and can service your company’s whole fleet of trucks to do routine touch ups or to reflect your company’s new colors.


Our team’s mission is to help you get the most value out of your investment. That means keeping your vehicles up to date and putting in the work so they last for years to come. From quick routine inspections to full store updates, we’re happy to give your truck a boost for the new year. From sandblasting to fiberglass work and everything in between, our team will do what it takes to keep your truck and business up and running.

For veteran truckers and up and coming entrepreneurs alike, without your truck you don’t have a business. After a tough winter, it’s important to keep your truck in good shape and check for any impending damages. If you’re interested in collision damage, painting, restoration, or any other truck updates in the Wenatchee area, visit our website or come by our shop today!

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