Does Your Jet Ski Need Post-Summer Maintenance?

Jet skis are a lot of fun to use during the summer. Unlike boats, they are easy to maneuver, quick to load, and a breeze to transport. When the weather starts to turn, however, it’s important to take care of your ski so it’s in top shape for next summer. Instead of just slipping a cover over your Jet Ski and tucking into the garage for the winter, it’s important to do some maintenance for best results.  

Like any motor vehicle, Jet Skis require some ongoing maintenance to ensure ideal performance. Take time to familiarize yourself with the suggested maintenance in the owner’s manual, then make sure to stay in compliance with these recommendations. Doing so will improve its function next year and reduce the potential for a non-working Jet Ski or costly repairs in the near future.

Things You Do Every Time You Ride

In order to expand the life of your Jet Ski, there is a minimum amount of maintenance required each time you take it out for a spin. It’s important to regularly clean your jet ski, regardless of what type of water you keep it in.  

Whether you use your ski in a freshwater lake or salinated ocean water, the potential for corrosion and water damage is there. Wipe down the exterior, seat and windshield. Make sure it is dry before you cover or store it. If you store it at a marina, be sure to use a lift that floats. This will prevent damage due to prolonged water exposure.

Before you take it out again, always check for loose or obviously damaged parts. Things happen in storage and transportation that could result in bigger issues down the road. Look at the throttle cables and the trim. Replace anything that’s obviously come loose or gotten damaged.

If you can smell fuel, there could be a leak or something loose. Seek professional help right away and do not attempt to start the Jet Ski. Check and top off all engine fluids, including fuel and oil, before starting it up.

Take Steps to Winterize

Ideally, you will drain all used fuel from the Jet Ski before storage. If you don’t know how to do this, call a local small engine mechanic for help with draining and disposing of the fuel. If you can’t drain the fuel for some reason, be sure to add stabilizer to the fuel tank before putting it in storage. When you start it up next season, be sure to add fuel cleaner to the tank, just in case.

Doing annual maintenance is important, too. Be sure to change the oil and the oil filter. Make sure to drain the pump oil and replace it with new. Take the time to carefully grease the seals and fittings for the bearings on your Jet Ski. Lubricate any moving parts that need it. These include metal hinges and handles.

You want a waterproof cover and a secure storage location. Although you may not be taking it out in the upcoming months, you should check on it once in awhile. Small rodents have been known to chew exposed wires or destroy seats. Keeping an eye on your Jet Ski reduces these risks.

Be sure to take good care of your jet ski this winter so it will be in top shape when next summer comes around! For help with Jet Ski Maintenance in Central Washington, contact Interstate Autobody and Trucking today!

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