Snow Loads and Your RV — What to Consider

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The weight of snow that an RV roof can hold varies depending on the construction methods. If you live in an area that receives multiple feet of snow every year, consult with the manufacturer to learn the load limit of your RV. Weight is not the only concern with snow accumulation, so here are some things to consider when the flakes start to fall.

Remove Snow Before it Turns to Water

Under the right conditions, the snow on the roof of your RV can melt, and possibly refreeze. If the melted snow seeps into cracks and seams, refreezing will cause it to expand, potentially damaging the roof and creating leaks into the interior. Trapped moisture can cause mildew and mold to grow, presenting a health hazard. Damp wood can also cause the growth of dry rot fungus.

Clear Snow From the Roof Before Use

If you are one of the hearty RV owners that decide to take to the road in the relative quiet of winter, you will have to remove the snow load. Snow flying from the roof of your RV can be dangerous to other drivers.

Put Safety First

The first and most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to walk on an RV roof that has snow on it. The risk of falling is too great, and you can clear the snow from a ladder instead. Use a snow rake rather than a shovel, and don’t use anything metal. You could damage the roofing material or break roof components that are brittle from the cold. Tip: Take a picture of the roof without snow on it, so you know where all the roof components are located.

Repair RV Cracks to Prevent Water Damage

If your RV has cracks or other damage that could allow water into the vehicle, get them repaired. The earlier you repair any damage, the better off your RV will be.

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