The Appeal of Custom Big Rig Show Trucks

Photo by By emilydickinsonridesabmx from Fort Hamilton Brooklyn, New York, USA (‘Princess Emily’ NYC Themed Airbrushed Big Rig)

For many semi-truck drivers, seeing a big rig all decked out with chrome and a nice paint job is a thrilling sight. By paying attention to the details on a truck, a driver can show off their truck as well as their passion for the work. A well painted and sharp-looking truck is a moving billboard for your trucking business and the business you represent, so yes, first impressions count!

First Impressions Last

When a semi is taken care of and looks as good on the outside as it runs under the hood, customers will notice. A shiny truck will show that you are reliable, and care enough to keep it visually appealing, which means you care about your work, your business, and your customers.

Custom Pride

Truckers take a lot of pride in their semi-trucks, and many people in the industry have taken to customizing them, as well as keeping their paint jobs looking great.  Some of the customizations include chopping the roof, installing suicide doors, and fancy paint jobs.

If you’ve ever thought about customizing your rig, you might like to get some inspiration, so we’ve got some, for your viewing pleasure.

Upcoming Truck Shows

You can still catch a big rig truck show before the year wraps up. Here are a few, scheduled for October 2018:


Feeling Inspired?

When you’re ready to paint your rig, give the folks at Interstate Autobody & Truck a call. Located in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley in Eastern Washington State, Larry and his crew have been operating for 23 years. Interstate Auto Body and Truck is a multi-generational, veteran-run business, so you know you can trust the work and their word. We specialize in painting large vehicles such as semi trucks and other equipment.

Interstate is one of the largest and most trusted body shops on the West Coast and Washington. Larry has customers travel from California to Alaska to have the perfect paint job and body work, at fair and honest prices. Easy access from Highway 2 and I-90, Larry will get your job done quickly, professionally and perfectly.

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