Five Tips for Cleaning RV’s After Summer Travels

Summer’s winding down and fall is on the way. Whether you took your RV out on a cross country four time zone trek or just around the bend to your favorite camping spot, you still need to get it scrubbed down and cleaned up to keep things in working order for the next adventure.

Here are our top tips for cleaning your RV after a summer trip.

Clean and Fix Scratches on Wood Surfaces

Scratches and scuff marks covering your wood surfaces? Rub them out with a mixture of ¾ cups olive oil and ¼ cup of vinegar. Dip a rag into the mixture and wipe down the surface with the marks.

Clean the Grime out of your Window Sills

No one likes a dirty window sill at home, and that stands just as true in your RV. Vinegar and paper towels will do the bear of the work cleaning these down. To touch up on those hard to reach places a q-tip is just the right size.

Disinfect your Washing Machine

Because of the moisture and dirt inside washing machines become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, how do you wash your washing machine?

Start by filling your washing machine with hot water with the setting for the heaviest load you can use. Pour two cups of bleach into the water and leave it sit for about one hour. After the hour’s up, run the washing machine through a normal cycle.

Once the cycle is complete, fill the washer again. This time, add two cups of white vinegar. Once again, leave the washer sit for one hour before having it run a normal cycle.

Once the second cycle is complete wipe down the inside of the washing machine with a microfiber cloth. The difference will be like night and day.

Clean your Vacuum Filter

In the dishwasher! That’s right, clean your vacuum filter in the dishwasher. You don’t want to be fighting with a weak vacuum on the road, and that’s just what you’ll get with a dirty filter. So, load your dishwasher up with just the vacuum filter and the normal soap pods you use to clean your dishes with and have it run.

Cleaning the Cabin Dash

Between the dust of camp site roads and the smoke from a s’more roasting camp fire, you’re going to have plenty of reason to clean out the AC filter. This trick works not only for the AC vents on the dash, but for all of the dust and dirt that collects on the dash in the cabin. Keep a vacuum hose in one hand and a feather duster in the other. Suck the dust right up as it is loosened and you won’t just be displacing a mess.

These tips will get you started spiffing up your RV to have it ready for next summer. Better yet, many of these tips can be used outside of your RV, too. No reason to only have a clean washer in the RV. Now that’s useful.

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