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Why you need a large paint booth for your RV fender bender

The benefit for your RV repair If you want to take long term care of your RV, even if you have the smallest of fender benders on the road, it’s important to find an RV repair expert with a designated paint booth.  Interstate Auto Body and Truck in Central Washington will help you to achieve…
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Sandblasting 101

What can a professional sandblaster do? Sandblasting is a way to roughen or clean a surface with a jet stream of sand, where the intensity can be controlled by a professional sandblaster. It’s effectiveness is similar to sandpaper but much faster, less elbow work, and it gives a more even finish because it can evenly…
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How to truly find the best RV repair shop

What’s the best way to find the very best of something no matter if you’re looking for Italian food, a dentist, or RV repair? Ask a local. Whether you’re in your home town or you run into a fender bender on the road, the best way to educate yourself on which RV repair shops and…
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