Why you need a large paint booth for your RV fender bender

The benefit for your RV repair

If you want to take long term care of your RV, even if you have the smallest of fender benders on the road, it’s important to find an RV repair expert with a designated paint booth.  Interstate Auto Body and Truck in Central Washington will help you to achieve your quality repair goals.  The best way to have a professional RV repair and RV paint job is to find a shop who specializes in large truck and RV repair and has a spray booth that your vehicle can fit inside.  A paint booth serves as a sealed structure that keeps dust and debris from attaching to fresh paint and causing imperfections that you’ll see right away or even worse – later down the road!

It’s better for the Environment

It’s not just about the superior finished product  you’ll get with a large spray booth, but a contained spray booth is eco-friendly. When working with chemicals, it’s important to consider the environment. In comparison to a typical body shop or non-sealed spray booth, the fumes and chemicals in the paint and prep would otherwise be released into the air,  adding to  poor air quality and air pollution.  With a large paint booth, Interstate Auto Body and truck cares about the environment and their spray booth is completely confined to prevent leaks and minimal impact on the Earth.

Quality Paint

Interstate Autobody and Truck  uses the premium quality of paints. These paints are specifically designed for automobiles and RVs which means that it has a high resistance to moisture, water, and other outdoor environments. They also have a strong resistance to corrosion. The professional grade paint can hide the dent that is caused by the collision. You will have a full spectrum of color to use on your RV.  You may even customize it by mixing the different colors. You don’t have to choose the ordinary colors that we often see on other RVs. You will be able to showcase your unique personality with the different options that you have. Another known benefit of using the spray booth at Interstate Auto Body and Truck is their reputation and track record of long-term customers.  The large booth provides the ideal environment to create a perfectly painted and polished finished job. If you try to paint the job on your own and cut corners, not only will you be opening Pandora’s box, there is a great possibility there will be a mistake, no matter how detailed you are. Some mistakes may be small, but these small details will turn into major issues in a couple of years, such as paint peeling. Fortunately, paint booths are intended to deliver a professional job. And professional grade paint will make it last much longer.

Case Study:

As you can see in this articles before and after  photo, a customer came to Interstate Auto Body and Truck with a minor fender bender from backing into a small metal structure. Most any body shop would say yes to this RV repair, if the weather agrees.  However, even the smallest repair will still require a final coat of paint in a large paint booth – as you can see here.  Now that you are an informed RV owner, you know the reasons Interstate Auto Body and Truck is the best choice in Central Washington, even for the smallest of repairs for your RV.

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