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The Truth behind DIY jet ski repairs

A little research and knowledge of your Jet Ski or Fiberglass boat repair can go a long way. It’s easy to research DIY fiberglass repairs on the ol’ internet. So before you run to the hardware store there are some things to consider about jet ski and boat minor repairs. First, let’s consider the hull.…
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Pepsi Cola Company, missed the dog but rolled the truck

One of our long standing customers, Pepsi Cola, came to us to fix one of their delivery trucks. They needed a quick turnaround to get the vehicle back to work. Apparently the driver had a dog run in front of the vehicle and he swerved, rolling the truck into a ditch. Luckily the driver (and…
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Making extra cash with your RV

As the premier RV and Motorhome Body Shop in Central Washington, we often get asked about where to store RV’s during the winter months and those times your wheels are not in motion. We found an interesting company that not only stores your RV for free but they rent it out, insure it and maintain…
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My story: Google Verified Veteran Owned Business

There are over 2 million veteran owned businesses in the US. Thanks to Google, they have made us easy to find. I was drafted in 1966 into the Army. I served two years and during that time I went to Vietnam and was stationed in the Central Highlands for 9 months. When I returned from…
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