4 Benefits of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a highly effective means of cleaning, stripping, or smoothing a surface. This cleaning technique uses fine grains of sand pushed through the nozzle of a sandblaster at high speeds directly onto a surface to remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted particles. Whether you need to clean farm machinery and equipment, buildings, tanks, or anything else, this technique is a great way to remove abrasive grime and get your surfaces looking new again.  Here are a few reason sandblasting may be the right method for you:

Versatile Solution

Sandblasting can remove dirt, rust, residue and more, leaving surfaces looking new again. Sandblasting is not just a method of cleaning large areas, but it can be used on small, precision parts, such as gears or delicate surfaces. From tanks to trucks to rusty fences, sandblasting can be your cleaning solution.

Hard on Rust

Rust can cause a significant amount of property damage, as it corrodes metal and spreads quickly. If rust is left to build up over time, it damages metals of all kinds and can even cause equipment to malfunction if left to build up for long enough. Sandblasting is an effective means of eliminating rust to keep your hardware viable for longer.

Easy Process

Some cleaning solutions require a lengthy process and many steps. Sandblasting, on the other hand, doesn’t require any scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or heavy duty cleanup. When you opt to sandblast, you won’t toil away scrubbing and cleaning; this solution is quick, easy, and complete in just a few hours.

Quick Turnaround

Sandblasting can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs quickly and efficiently. The sand’s make-up of fine grains makes it an impressive abrasive. Many cleaning jobs that would take hours or days to complete can be finishing in minutes with sandblasting. Objects that have a cross-section of two millimeters or more can be sandblasted instantly because of the precision and speed of this cleaning and stripping method. Even the toughest mill scale can be quickly removed with sandblasting. Old paint and corrosion can be swiftly removed, leaving the metal a bare surface without any contamination or foreign matter.

From reclaiming various strong surfaces to cleaning small, precision parts, sandblasting is a terrific method for improving your equipment’s appearance and operation. If you’re in need of sandblasting services in Central Washington, contact Interstate Autobody and Trucking today!

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  1. There was a stage being constructed in our office, and it will be used for entertainment and other creative purposes. My boss asked me about a few things that needed to be considered, and I was actually panicking because I wasn't sure what. It's great that I read your article and learned about sandblasting. You said that rust can be responsible for a lot of problems in the property, and sandblasting can help prevent that. I'll make sure to let my boss know. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thank you for the information on the benefits of sandblasting. My friend is debating on attempting to take all the rust off a shed on his property by himself with chemicals or hire a professional to sandblast it off. I'll have to pass this on to him so he can see the benefit of hiring the professional with the sandblaster. Although I do wonder how they clean up all the sand.
  3. I appreciate you sharing some of the benefits of sandblasting such as the fact that it can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs quickly and efficiently, just like you said. It practically makes the worker's life easier, especially when removing rust on surfaces. Come to think of it, I'm actually planning to restore my junk car, and I would definitely look around for an auto body shop that offers paint stripping and sandblasting services. Thanks.
    • lori
      You bet!

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