3 Ways to Protect Your Classic Car from Damage

A restored or antique car is a massive investment, true, but it’s also a tremendous responsibility. Due to the rarity and historical aspects of the automobile, your ownership may be one of the few preservation efforts of that particular make and model. With such a valuable asset in your possession, you owe it to yourself, your car, and your descendants to properly protect and preserve your classic or antique vehicle. Here are three surefire ways to make your car last for generations.

Store It Properly

That means a protective cover (and we don’t mean a shoddy tent or blanket). Investing in a high-quality fabric carport or garage is a great way to alleviate physical garage space and avoid accidental damage, as many garages are considered multi-purpose areas. Don’t forget – critters like rats and mice can wreak havoc on your upholstery and wiring, so placing rodent repellent in the vehicle’s cab and hood will keep them at bay.

Don’t Drive Everyday

High-traffic and rush hour environments are a classic car owner’s worst nightmare. Whereas a slight scratch or ding on a modern car may be a quick and relatively inexpensive fix, repairs on a rare or custom classic car could rack up into the thousands. Treat your valuable vehicles accordingly and stick to the back roads and open countryside whenever possible.

Refinish the Interior and Exterior

A new paint job and interior is a costly investment, but nothing increases the value of an older or dinged-up car like a brand-new coat of paint. When performed correctly and professionally, a new paint job can make your ride shine for decades to come. Reupholstering the interior and adding new carpet to the flooring will help you and your passengers enjoy the inside of your car as much as the beautiful exterior, so don’t quit halfway through the project.

For a little extra help with your classic or antique car restoration project, give Interstate Auto Body and Truck a call today. Our expert team of car enthusiasts love working on old cars and can track down the necessary parts and accessories to perfectly restore your ride. Check out our work or contact us for more information!

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