The Biggest Dangers to Your Car’s Paint Job

Winter weather has arrived in full and families are packing up their cars for holiday travels, but road conditions and bad weather won’t generally impact the cosmetic conditions of your car. In order to keep your vehicle’s paint job intact and consistent, there are a few things you’ll want to watch out for in your travels:

Road Salt

Road salt is one of the most effective ways to keep roadways clear and safe for cold weather driving, but the tradeoffs are fairly severe: road salt can corrode your vehicle’s exterior and accelerate rusting through repeated exposure to road salts. This isn’t just a cosmetic issue – rusting on some parts of your car can create a huge safety issue and damage vital elements of your car.

Gas Nozzles

Dripping extra gasoline on your vehicle can wear away at your paint job if left untreated. Gasoline will stain your car’s finish and isn’t exactly easy to get off. If you do spill a little bit of gasoline on your vehicle’s exterior, grab a bottle of automotive detailer and a clean microfiber cloth and wipe it away.

Natural Sources

There’s no pleasant way to put this, but animal droppings and smashed bugs do bad things to your car’s outermost coatings. Bird poop is especially acidic and can easily wear away at your paint if left for any significant period of time. Bugs are similarly acidic and tend to find their way to your windshield and grill much more frequently and in greater volume than bird dung. Take your car to the wash on a regular basis to keep harmful natural substances off your automotive paint.

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