Sandblasting 101

What can a professional sandblaster do?

Sandblasting is a way to roughen or clean a surface with a jet stream of sand, where the intensity can be controlled by a professional sandblaster. It’s effectiveness is similar to sandpaper but much faster, less elbow work, and it gives a more even finish because it can evenly get into corners and crannies. If you have a trailer or equipment that is rusty or has multiple layers of paint build up – sandblasting will turn your metal finishes to new condition. This will also prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint or optimize powder coating. If you have vehicles or boats that have been aged and exposed to the elements, mineral build up and weathering can be erased with professional sandblasting resurfacing. For surfaces or equipment that are stationary, ask a professional if they have a mobile sandblasting unit to do onsite work. Sandblasting should never be a DIY event, an experienced sandblaster will know the strength and media to best suit your job.

Is sandblasting the best material for my job?

Sandblasting is highly efficient for a variety of surfaces but it’s not always the only media used. There are variants in the size and how coarse the media actually is. There are also alternative media available for softer metal surfaces that require less abrasion. It takes an experienced sandblaster to know if sand or other media is going to be best and if sandblasting is the right option for your particular project or equipment.

What if I have questions about my project?

We’re here to help! If you’re thinking about a project or have questions about the process please contact us and we’ll give you an expert opinion. We have sandblasted antique cars, horse trailers, boat tailors, farm equipment, fishing boats and even bridges. There are endless applications for sandblasting and having it as an option to restore vs throwing out the old and purchasing new automobiles and equipment is worth a conversation with an expert.

Is it safe for the environment?

Sand blasting has had its share of scrutiny over the years, the primary concern has been employees exposed to the potential chemicals involved. We use environmentally friendly media and we have a large sandblasting booth where media is contained and properly recycled. Our owner has been sandblasting for over 30 years and exercises best practices of the profession.

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