How to Pick the Right Antique Car Restoration Shop

Not all car enthusiasts have the skills, parts, or tools to restore a classic or antique car back to working condition. There are hundreds of restoration professionals that specialize in working on worn down old cars, but it’s harder to find a quality restorer that can return your car to its former glory.

One of the first things you should consider is budget. How much are you willing to spend? Do you want a complete restoration, a body restoration with new parts, or partial restoration? Many car enthusiasts replace a lot of interiors elements and minor details on the cars themselves and leave the big jobs to the experts, but it’s different for every skill level.

At Interstate Auto Body and Truck, antique auto bodywork and restoration is one of our specialties, but it’s also one of our passions. We love working on old cars and discovering old tricks with new implements. We can special order custom or original parts or even put modern parts into a classic frame, making for an interesting and reliable hybrid project. We have the experience and expertise need to do it right the first time. We can return your antique restoration project to factory new condition or can incorporate new parts into the design. We have a variety of parts sources available to us – we know where and how to get the needed parts and then install them the right way.

We can provide reproduction frames, bodies, fenders, hoods, bumpers, grills, running gear, engines – even minor parts and accessories! Whatever you need to get your car restored, big or small, we can find parts and provide the expert labor.

We can also offer paint jobs. Many car enthusiasts want to match OEM style and standards, returning the car to factory conditions, but others may want quality or custom paint to really show off your antique car. We can handle the metal work or the newer style fiberglass reproduction body parts and reproduction frames.

Or we can build you an old car with all-new parts! It’s really up to you and your imagination.

Contact Interstate Auto Body and Truck to discuss your custom or antique car restoration project today!



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