How to truly find the best RV repair shop

What’s the best way to find the very best of something no matter if you’re looking for Italian food, a dentist, or RV repair?

Ask a local.

Whether you’re in your home town or you run into a fender bender on the road, the best way to educate yourself on which RV repair shops and bodyshop’s are reputable is to check out their reputation. The internet make this fast and easy. My favorite source is YELP.

There are entire websites devoted to publishing user reviews of businesses, specifically for the purpose of helping you sort out who to call and who to avoid. These websites are an easy way to get an objective opinion of RV repair shops in your area, since the business cannot edit or remove any of the reviews.

Of course, a business can also present reviews on other platforms like their Facebook pages, but those reviews are usually subject to their own editorial decisions. In other words, if someone posts something the company doesn’t like, they can just take it down.

If you’re old fashioned and want to get a sense of reputable referrals go to the local RV dealers and service centers. Many times they are the first call in a fender bender to get the opinion of the one they trusted with the purchase of their RV. Dealers often hear the good the bad and the ugly of body work and they want to earn your trust with a good referral. and are a couple places in Central Washington that have been around for decades and have stellar reviews. I’d trust their referrals for RV Bodywork – because they don’t do bodywork, so they’re once removed and would likely have an honest opinion. People who live in an area, have longstanding relationships with their body shops, as opposed to one-off jobs that may or may not be of high quality.

Finally, don’t make assumptions based on the appearance of the autobody shop. Run a Google search for “best RV repair near me” or “RV repair in my area,” and then follow it up by reading reviews and asking the people around you who would be most familiar with the local options. Whether it’s a little bit more of a drive or a giant dealership, it’s the service and integrity of the shop that matters. 10 minute of research will not only save you money, but save you the headache of poor service and bad body work.

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