Horse Trailer & Farm Equipment Makeover?

When we think about farm equipment and horse trailers, oftentimes we picture rusty equipment that is stored outside and neglected. They can be functional, but unpleasant to look at or take pride in. One easy way to revamp neglected, rusty farm equipment and horse trailers is by sandblasting. Sandblasting strips paint, rust and corrosion on not only the exterior but the interior as well. It creates a smooth surface so the body can be primed and painted to look brand new. When you consider buying new, sandblasting and restoration body work can save you upwards of 75% when you think your only choice is buying new. Not to mention, horse trailer restoration work is good for the environment by keeping old equipment from landfills. When you are doing your research, find a body shop that provides both sandblasting and painting, and see for yourself. Check out Interstate Auto Body and Truck in Central Washington for a free estimate.

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