Avoid Costly RV Repair Costs with These 5 Tips

Even if you only use it on a seasonal basis, your RV requires as much or more maintenance compared to your car or SUV. And with so many modern RVs approaching the cost of owning a home, it’s important to continue to protect your investment whether it’s during the summer travelling months or while your RV is in storage. To further ensure the long-term condition of your recreational vehicle, consider these 5 tips to keep it on the road for years to come:

Invest in Storage

Just as is the case with your home, the roof of your RV is an expensive, vital aspect of your vehicle. More susceptible to damage than the roofs of other vehicles, RV roofs can take damage over time and in a way that doesn’t immediately appear to the untrained eye. The best way to protect your RV from sun and environmental damage is with a protective RV carport while your vehicle isn’t in use.

Regularly Check the Seals

Moisture often seeps through faulty weather stripping and seals along the exterior of the RV, leaking through window, door, and roof seals. Rubber seals break down naturally over time and stock seals are often the first to degrade, so checking their quality every 6 months or so can save you from costly moisture and mold damage.

Don’t Let Your Generator Sit Idle

Most RV owners leave their vehicles stationary for several months at a time, leaving the generator unused for the duration of the time. Gasoline only has a shelf life of about 30 days, any duration longer and it may begin to damage the internal components of your generator. One per month, try running your generator for a couple of hours to keep it primed and working properly.

Open Up Your Vents

The heat of the summer months can bring devastating temperatures to the inside of your RV. If you leave it unused for any length of time during the summer, open up its vents to keep a proper, healthy airflow moving throughout the vehicle. Of course, you’ll want to cover them to keep rainwater and moisture out, but otherwise, it’s necessary to promote internal ventilation to protect your RV’s structural materials.

Keep the Slide-Out Rails Lubricated

Pop-out RVs are a near given if you’re shopping for an RV in this day and age. For as much convenience and improved interior space as they provide, they require additional maintenance to ensure they operate smoothly and safely every time. Otherwise, the slide-out rails can become rusted, corroded, or stuck, necessitating costly repairs down the road. A quick spray of slide-out lubricant once or twice per year should keep things working as intended.

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