3 Top Auto Body Repairs Tips to Keep in Mind

Fender bender? Major collision? Whatever your auto body repair needs are, it’s hard to find a reliable source to get everything taken care of quickly, honestly, and in a way that will last for a long time. Keep these three auto body repair tips in mind when you’re considering a repair.

1.Get Estimates

It won’t hurt to ask around when doing repairs. Some auto body repair shops may charge much more than others, but on the other hand, what they’re offering in return may be worth the extra investment. Ask around and get advice from other mechanics and repair shops to see why one is priced higher or lower than others.

2. Check the Warranty

Ask the auto body shop if they offer warranties or guarantees on their work. If you have an existing warranty from the manufacturer, ask the shop if they’ll honor that warranty before work begins.

3. Stock, Aftermarket, or Custom Parts?

Some auto body repair shops will charge varying amounts for the type of parts they’ll need to complete the repair. Get detailed information about the repairs before you hand them the keys: Where do you get your parts? Can parts be ordered elsewhere for less money? Do you have the parts on hand?

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