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Eastern Washington Building Sand Blasting Services

Sand Blasting of Buildings can be done for many reasons. We can sandblast or media blast your building in order to restore and clean it’s finish. We can sandblast your building to remove paint and restore it’s natural finish or we can sandblast your building in preparation for paint or repaint. We can also apply your chosen finish after sandblasting/media blasting.


The buildings above we have sand blasted and have photos for.

Below we list some architectural building types and the possibilities for finish preparation, restoration or paint/repaint work

sandblasting-brick-church-150x150 sandblasting-brick-historical-building-2-150x150sandblasting-brick-historical-building-150x150

sandblasting-brick-office-building-2-150x150sandblasting-brick-office-building-150x150 sandblasting-brick-strip-mall-building

Brick buildings

Brick comes in many forms, brick can be hard or relatively soft. It is important to take into account the type of brick and it’s hardness when sandblasting or media blasting a brick building in order to remove the proper amount of exterior dirt, paint etc while not removing or blasting away the brick itself. Use the wrong type of blasting media or allow unskilled workers to operate the sandblasting equipment and the brick exterior can be eroded and damaged severely.

We have the experience to properly sandblast or media blast your brick so it is not damaged but properly cleaned and prepared for your goal of restoration, refinishing or paint/repaint.

We can travel to your area and get the work done in a timely fashion and withing your budget.

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sandblasting-masonry-building-1sandblasting-masonry-building-2 sandblasting-masonry-building-3

Masonry block buildings

Masonry block construction building are usually made of harder grade materials and can be safely sandblasted or media blasted to refinish, restore or prep for paint/repaint.

We have the experience to sandblast or media blast your masonry building quickly and within your budget. We can apply your chosen finish if your goal is to paint or repaint your masonry building.

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sandblasting-steel-metal-building-1-150x150sandblasting-steel-metal-building-2-150x150 sandblasting-steel-metal-building-3-150x150

Steel buildings

Steel or metal buildings can be all steel or be steel framed with any type of exterior. We can sandblast the framework of your steel building and the exterior no matter what type it is, metal siding or any other type.

We have the experience to get your sandblasting job done fast and withing your budget. We can travel to your location any time of the year.

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sandblasting-stone-building-1 sandblasting-stone-building-2-150x150 (1)sandblasting-stone-building-3-150x150

Stone buildings

Stone is one of the first materials used in building. It has been used in all forms of construction from small buildings/homes to the largest commercial buildings and cathedrals. Stone can some times become stained or discolored and can benefit from light media blasting when refinishing or restoration is needed. Pressure blasting can not remove staining and chemicals can soak in to stone and cause long term degradation and damage.

Light media blasting/cleaning when done by experienced professionals using the right grade of blasting media causes no damage to stone and can restore an “as new” look to any stone building.

We have the experience to sandblast or media blast your stone building and bring back that fresh new stone finish.

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sandblasting-stucco-building-1sandblasting-stucco-building-2 sandblasting-stucco-building-3

sandblasting-stucco-building-4sandblasting-stucco-building-5 sandblasting-stucco-building-6

Stucco buildings

Stucco is a wonderful finish to apply to a building, it is durable and maintenance free for the most part. Stucco is a very hard finish and due to it’s texture it can not be sanded when refinishing or color change is needed. You can simply apply paint over it and that is what most people do but what about when the present paint or finish is in poor condition?

Before repainting/refinishing can be done the old finish/paint will need to be removed or reconditioned before new paint will stick properly. Sandblasting or media blasting can be used to remove the old paint completely or recondition the old paint so the new paint will stick.

Most stucco is quit hard and can be sandblasted without worry of damage in order to prepare for refinishing. We can travel to your location almost any time of year, sandblast and refinish your stucco building on time and within your budget.

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